We’re more than a place to call home.

Perhaps it’s a

  • Mental health problem?
  • Mild, moderate or acute learning disability?
  • Asperger’s syndrome or autism?
  • Bipolar depression or schizophrenia?
  • Or, maybe you need help with drug and alcohol issues?
None of these things have to hold you or your loved one back.
We help you find your place in the world and keep you safe.

Many of our properties overlook the sea and open countryside with large gardens and space for pets, comfortable lounges and sociable, communal dining rooms.

But more than that, we use positive risk-taking and aspirational thinking to explore your potential and support you to extend your horizons. 

We help you live well and thrive in the community.

Providing a range of residential care, supported living and specialist support services, Aspire Care Group celebrates you as an individual. We understand everyone has different wants, needs and ideas about how to live a full life. We treat everyone with kindness, dignity and respect. With the support of your family and/or other agencies, we help you with the rock-solid foundations – and balance safety, structure and personal freedom – to design a good life, whatever that means to you.

We help with long-term residential care, respite/short break care, rehabilitation, and individual support within the community. 

We’re committed to high quality care for all.

What do you need?

A place to live and to thrive

Are you looking for a place to call home in Northumberland, Gateshead, North Tyneside or County Durham? Our friendly residential care homes provide everything you need to thrive with high quality person-centred care that celebrates your uniqueness.

A little bit of extra help at home

If you’d like a place to live that provides community and belonging, with dedicated support on hand if you need it, but you want to keep and/or foster independence, our modern and progressive supported living services provide flexible support to meet your needs and keep you safe.

A place to call home

We provide welcoming homes that offer a sense of community and belonging. We will provide the flexible care and support that you need to live a thriving and independent life. It is your home so we want it to be a place you enjoy living and makes you feel safe and comfortable.

Nursing care

We offer 24-hour professional and skilled nursing care from highly trained professionals who are caring, sensitive and compassionate. We focus on Person Centred Care that is individually tailored so each person is able to achieve personal goals, maximise independence and improve their quality of life.
Whatever your needs are, we can support.

Find out more about our care services

Work with us

We have been providing high quality, personal-centred residential care, supported living and thoughtful associated support for over 12 years.

Click here to find out more about the modern and progressive services we’re able to offer service users, our quality standards, policies and procedures. 


Join our team

Nothing is more rewarding than a career dedicated to the service of others but it requires a great deal of compassion and empathy. If that sounds like you, we’re always on the lookout for people who can make a positive difference to the lives of the people in our care.


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