Complements and Complaints Procedure

At Aspire, our aim is to support people to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives. We welcome feedback of any kind and will listen to any suggestions to improve the service we provide. 


Our team of committed care staff love to hear what you think about the service we provide. If someone has gone above and beyond when providing support, then we would love to hear it. Please share your thoughts with us and we will make sure they get the praise and recognition they deserve. 


If you are unhappy with the service we provide, please let us know so we can resolve it and get things back to how they should be. 

For day-to-day issues, you should talk directly with your care worker to let them know what you are concerned about and how it can be resolved. 

If you have tried this or would prefer to speak with a care manager then please contact Head Office: 

Any information provided will be kept confidential and only shared with relevant people. We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm receipt and explain the next steps so you remain involved throughout the complaints process.