We are:


We promote equality and oppose any kind of discrimination or abuse. Your privacy, confidentiality and dignity are assured at all times. 


Our care plans are created to reflect your personal strengths and needs. The services we provide are individualised – with input from you, your family, other agencies and professionals to make sure we meet your needs. We encourage independence and promote positive risk-taking.


Every person in our care is treated as an individual and placed at the centre. We support you to exercise your right to dignity, choice, equality, diversity, independence, respect and self-worth.


We review and monitor systems and practices to make sure we address changing needs.

We use the STAR behaviour management system

It’s important to understand the root causes of challenging behaviour, so we use STAR behaviour charts to develop a greater understanding of why service users behave in a certain way. This allows us to prevent future incidences and improve long-term outcomes.

We promote positive growth and development

Positive risk, no matter how small, can have a profound effect on a service user’s sense of independence. So, as a care provider, we embrace risk. Following our robust assessment processes, we identify, categorise and manage risk to balance safety with personal growth, quality of life and independence.

All of our care plans are focused on the individual needs of the service user – with active participation and input from them, their family and other professionals/agencies involved in their care. 

We protect vulnerable adults.

We provide everyone in our care with a safe and nurturing environment so they can live as independently as possible and achieve their full potential. It is our belief that all adults deserve to live a life free from harm, fear and intimidation. We’re committed to working with all local authorities and NHS partners to make sure we comply with Safeguarding Adults Policies.

How can we help you?

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