Care Home Staff to Receive Free Diabetes Training

According to Diabetes UK, as many as one in four residents of care homes in England are estimated to have diabetes. The staff of care homes across the UK are to be given up to date training in the care of elderly diabetes sufferers.

Care home residents with diabetes can suffer from additional health concerns if their condition is not managed effectively. If their condition is not controlled properly, they can be at risk of developing chronic kidney disease or heart failure, Hypoglycaemia, Hyperglycaemia or foot complications.

A virtual educational programme called SANOFI CARES has been developed by Sanofi, a healthcare solutions provider and EDEN (Effective Diabetes Education Now). The programme will be available to all care home staff including registered and non-registered practitioners. Virtual learning will be supported by practical application through mentoring.

Jessamy Baird, GM General Medicines Sanofi UK and Ireland said: “The recent pandemic has illustrated the vulnerability of the older population especially those who have co-morbidities and those living in care homes. SANOFI CARES educational programme is delivered by Eden as an independent provider from Leicester Diabetes Centre and is available online on-demand to all care home staff across the UK.

“We will provide this course free of charge to increase the knowledge and confidence of staff, helping them to provide appropriate high-quality care to people living with diabetes in care homes. SANOFI CARES is a programme which demonstrates how we as a pharmaceutical company can support patients and the NHS by understanding the requirements of care in a highly vulnerable population.”

The aim is to educate and improve the knowledge and confidence of care home staff and effectively manage resident’s diabetes. Find out more about the programme.