Transitions Service

Aspire operate emergency placements and supported living for young people aged 16 and over.

We provide modern, progressive services for young people living in single occupancy or shared accommodation, enabling individuals to live safely and independently in the comfort of their own surroundings.

It is our aim to work with young people, their families, involved professionals, carers and advocates to provide the right solution.

Our services provide support, structure, guidance and encouragement.

Using our knowledge and expertise from our CQC services, we aim to deliver a service following these standards.

We will become positive role models to our young people. We aim to ensure young people within our services are able to develop and maintain respect, self-care skills, self-reliance and enable them to make informed age appropriate decisions concerning their present and future.

This helps promote and achieve a successful transition into independence and adulthood.

Our services provide a safe, comfortable and homely environment, whether this be short or long term.

We offer support to young people in risk of absconding, sexual exploitation, offending behaviours, non-engagement in education, self-harm and foster/family breakdown. Additionally, in their past, they may have been subjects/witnesses to physical, emotional, sexual abuse, neglect and domestic violence.

Emergency Placements

Young people may need to have their current arrangements adjusted with immediate effect. When this happens, local authority require suitable accommodation for them until a more long term and viable solution is found.

We understand the shortages of placements late at night or in a crisis situation and we aim to offer a suitable solution. An emergency placement is not ideal but sometimes the only option.

We are able to offer this provision within the North East to include accommodation and support. Staffing levels are dependent on needs and risks based on an individual risk assessment. This service is 24/7 which will operate an on-call procedure for out of hours.

Whilst the young person is placed with us, we will support and promote independent living skills just the same as if they were within our supported living service.

16+ Supported Living

Our main aim is to provide safe and high quality accommodation in which our young people can develop and enhance their independent skills. Supported living provides a nurturing, supportive environment for young people transitioning to independent adult living. We undertake a complete assessment for each young person to determine their abilities to provide an individual plan to develop independence, access further learning and to support young people to reach their goals and aspirations as they prepare for adult living.

A planned transition is the best type of referral. They give a young person the opportunity to get to know their new environment gradually, so when they eventually move, they have already developed relationships with staff. Each young person will be allocated a key worker who will oversee all support for that individual. There will also be a consistent team placed around the young person for continuity.

Our Supported Living Service includes:

  • Accommodation available 365 days a year with 24 hour support
  • Support to register with local health providers
  • Support in accessing education, employment and training
  • Support with future housing
  • Access to counselling and support in areas such as drug and alcohol, sexuality, sexual health, anger management, self- harm, safeguarding etc.
  • Financial advice and assistance with budgeting


We will ensure that the living accommodation is fully equipped to meet requirements of young people, including laundry facilities and a communal living area.

We will ensure all accommodations meet health and safety standards and recommended environmental health standards, including the installation of mains smoke alarms, fire regulated furnishings and safety locks.

All properties contain pictured emergency evacuation procedures, including regular drills and details of emergency contact numbers. 

  • Gas Safety Checks (CP12)
  • Emergency Lighting Periodic Inspection and Testing Certificate
  • Fire Detection and Alarm System Inspection and Servicing Report
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspections
  • PAT test
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report
  • Legionella Risk Assessment

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