World Down Syndrome Day 2021

Sunday 21st March is #WorldDownSyndromeDay, a global event to promote awareness and to advocate for the rights, inclusion and wellbeing of people with Down Syndrome. 

To participate, you can join in with the #lotsofsocks campaign. All you need to do is wear some mismatched, brightly coloured statement socks! The aim is to wear something noticeable in order to start a conversation and raise awareness. 

This year’s global theme is #Connect, asking people to come together to support equality for people with Down Syndrome. The goal is to celebrate the power of connections and the ways it can make a difference. Additionally, it provides the opportunity for people who have Down’s syndrome to speak up and have their voices heard. 

There are a lot of myths and negative perceptions surrounding Down Syndrome. However, by sharing personal experiences and connecting with others in person and online, there can be a shift in perspective. 

Below is a video from actor and Mencap ambassador George Webster. He has filmed a video hoping to share his own personal experiences to dispel five myths about Down Syndrome: