Health Secretary sets out Winter priorities​

Steve Barclay set out his key priorities for the coming winter months as he spoke at the NHS Providers’ conference in Liverpool. The NHS braces for what is now expected to be the most challenging winter since records began. He also lightly addressed the subject of pay.

Barclay confirmed that the NHS workforce would be his ‘first and foremost’ priority this winter, with a second focus on the health sector’s recovery plans across all elective, urgent and emergency care.

Barclay said: “With the backlog at 7.1 million, we will relentlessly focus on the elective recovery work that is being led by Chief Executive of NHS Improvement Sir Jim Mackey and delivered by you as chief executives and chairs.”

He also announced two new appointments, Professor Sir Tim Briggs and Sarah Jane-Marsh, to work across both DHSC and NHS England.


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