Tips for improving your bedtime sleep routine

Tips for improving your bedtime routine and sleep

1. Establish a consistent bedtime routine. Allow your body to get used to winding down in the same way each night. This might include dimming the lights, taking a hot bath, reading a book, and tracking your thoughts with a gratitude journal. 

2. Make sure your bedroom is comfortable and dark. A cool temperature, complete blackout curtains or blinds, and an eye mask can all be helpful. 

3. Reduce blue light exposure in the evening. Dim the screens of cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Try not to have screens in your bedroom. 

4. Exercise each day but avoid vigorous exercise late at night. Exercise can help you to stay rested and actually get to sleep faster. But activities that stimulate the body can be disruptive so do it earlier in the day. 

5. Avoid stimulants such as chocolate, coffee, tea, and energy drinks in the evening. Caffeine and other stimulants can make it difficult for your body to relax.

 6. Avoid alcohol in the evening. Alcohol can make it harder to stay asleep. 

7. Avoid big meals and spicy foods late at night. Eating late in the evening stimulates digestion, which can be disruptive. 

8. Implement a “no worries” policy. That means no problem-solving or stressing about life when you’re in bed. Save it for another part of the day. 

9. Focus on relaxing activities in the evening. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, or listening to calming music can be helpful. 

10. If after 20 minutes you are still unable to sleep, just get up and do something relaxing until you feel tired enough to sleep again.