Signs To Look Out For

It is never an easy conversation to have if you feel that someone you care about isn’t coping at home by themselves. If you notice signs that they need help, you need to get in contact and have that talk, especially at this difficult and uncertain time. It is not easy for anyone to be confined to their home and if you had noticed signs before the current situation, it is important that you help your loved one to get the care they need now. 

If you are able to video call your loved one and you notice bruises or other injuries on their arms and upper body, they may need support to make sure they can get around safely. These injuries may be self-inflicted as well if they are not coping with their mental health and they need help to improve their well being throughout this worrisome time.

If you are on the phone and you notice they are forgetting important things like paying bills, birthdays and other events, they may benefit from help to remember those important dates and tasks. Those suffering with their mental health can struggle to remember important things and would benefit from some extra support as well.

They may be unable to leave their home to get essential items such as food and cleaning products. They would benefit from someone being there to go and get these essentials for them or to order online for them to be delivered.

There are many options for individuals who need that support, show you care by helping them to get the care they deserve as they may need it now more than ever.